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Forever Slim India | Change Your Life With Us!

Forever Slim India is an effort to make india more healthy and fit. Foreverslim india works towards achieving a healthy lifestyle and making people more fit by not crash dieting or heavy exercise or any machinesor or any pills. it is just a concept of Easy Weight Loss. It is a joined effort of Mr Prajay Doshi and Priti Bansal Who are qualified Fitness Trainers, Weightloss specialist and Qualified Nutritionist. We have our clients based in every part of india, who have lost weight and is maintaining with ease. We at foreverslim india give you services after you lose weight also. we will make u lose weight in a very healthy way.

Slim At Home

Many people tend to search for weightloss programme with which they can reduce weight without making much changes in their lifestyle. As it states "Slim at home" is a concept where you can lose weight at your convience. It gives you the freedom to continue your daily activities as well as enjoy your lifestyle and consult us through phone from anywhere. | Read More

Disclaimer :-
Results varies from person to person.Subject to follow-up the diet plan as prescribed.Urine ketone should be positive for any claim of refund.Consult your physician before use if you wish,specially if suffering from any medical problem.Courier the report to us at FOREVERSLIM INDIA ,304,PLUTO BLUIDING,OPP OSHIWARA BUS DEPOT,GOREGAON(W),MUMBAI - 104.
Sucess Stories

Hi This is Ms. MONICA SHARMA, I am a business women due to stress and lot of medical problems i put on around 25kg tried lots of weight Loss programme but nothing worked then one day when i was searching on internet i got to know about Forever Slim India amazing programme i lost 8kg in just few months. | Read More Sucess stories

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